Tuesday, June 28, 2011

1960 ford galaxie starliner

The 1960-1961 Ford Galaxie Starliner & Sunliner were the raciest of Ford's bigger-than-ever early-1960’s big cars. The all-new 1960s Galaxies were some six inches longer, almost five inches wider, and nearly 200 pounds heavier. Graceful styling helped hide the heft, however with a sloped hood, simple grille, straight A-pillars, clean chrome-edged fenderlines, and modest horizontal tailfins (nodding to Chevy's 1959 "batwings").
Sunliner again led the top-line Galaxie group, but the Starliner was a real surprise: a pillarless semi-fastback two-door hardtop replacing 1959's highly popular square-roof version. It looked ready to race -- and did. It also sold well, though evidently not well enough to suit Ford. A conventional hardtop coupe was reinstated for 1961, and Starliner sales nose-dived; the model would not return.

All 1961 "standard" Fords (a needed new distinction with the advent of compacts) were slightly shorter and lighter, and tastefully made over with a concave grille, reshaped hood, more rounded bodysides, and a return to large round tail lamps. Ford began moving toward "Total Performance" in these years with 1960's "Interceptor 360" version of the 352 V-8, then with 1961's enlarged 390 big-block offering up to 401 bhp.

Both were very low-volume options, making them very desirable today. As are 1960-1961 Ford Galaxie Starliner & Sunliner, which are finally getting the collector notice they deserve.

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